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Knives are the most useful tool in kitchens used for peeling, slicing, chopping, and cutting. There are different types of knives, being used commonly including chef’s knife, paring knife, cheese knife, carving knife, etc. All these knives work best when they are sharpened properly.

When you buy a new knife its blade is in its best working but with time and use the blade turns into trash. Then you need to sharpen your knife blade.

Sharpening a knife seems a bit frightening job but with a right sharpener, it’s not a big deal. In the past, different methods were used to sharpen your knife including sharpening stones. The use of sharpening stone is much more difficult than today’s available knife sharpeners. 

There are different types of manual and electric knife sharpeners available but the best among all is considered the electric sharpener.

These high-tech gadgets turn the old knife’s blade from dullest to brand new with just a single button push. It is the easiest way to sharpen the knife at home. The best electric knife sharpeners are quick, versatile, and easy to use. As there are different types of knife sharpeners you need to select one that is suitable for the specific blade you are to sharpen. 

One cannot sieve through all the available big range of electric sharpeners in the market we have reviewed below our top seven choices for an electric knife sharpener for your convenience.

Our Top Seven Choices For An Electric Knife Sharpener

Here we have got you covered with the top seven best electric knife sharpeners.

1: Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto 08800 EverSharp electric knife sharpener is an electric sharpener with sapphirite wheels which not only sharpens the edge but too polishes it. The ultra-hard material of the wheels is the same used in professional sharpening shops which makes it a perfect buy.

The precision blade is guided to hold the knife at the perfect required angle. Its two-stage sharpening system sharpens any non-serrated blade giving it a perfect razor-sharp edge. Stage one of this electric knife sharpener helps in bringing the perfect shape of the knife blade. While in the second stage the focus is on honing the knife to get its sharp edge.

This sharpener made under North American electric standards helps you sharpen all kitchen and sport knives, most suitable for those made of alloy, stainless steel, or carbon, at home saving your time and money.

The compact and sleek design of the sharpener makes it adjustable in any kitchen, just make sure it is placed on a flat surface.  Moreover, its three suction cups hold it in place.

Before putting the knife in this sharpener you need to be careful about knife material as this sharpener is not suitable for Japanese-style knives, those with steeper edges.

Along with it don’t forget to wash and dry the knife before placing it in a sharpener. Using the Presto electric knife sharpener is going once you nail down this technique.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good performance
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Two-stage sharpening system
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Less powerful than other brands
  • Struggles sharpening knives made from harder steel and thicker blades

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2: Chef’s Choice Hybrid Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s choice hybrid electric knife sharpener is made up of stainless steel. It has three distinct facet sets which are arranged at different angles making the durable and arch-shaped edge. The advanced three-stage hybrid technology allows it to sharpen and hon the knife.

Stage one sharpens the knife’s straight edge using medium diamond abrasives. The second stage hones it at twenty degrees using fine diamond abrasives. While the third one is the final manual stage which gives a well-polished finish to the knife’s straight edge and too serrated knives.

This can be used for all types of knives including kitchen household, pocket, and sporting knives. The sharpening module is detachable which enables you to wash it properly by removing it from the rest of the sharpener.

Applying a twenty-degree sharpening edge Chef’s choice electric knife sharpener allows your knife to perform precise cuttings and crafting. The guaranteed hundred percent diamond abrasives used help the machine in sharpening and shaping the edges easily in a short time.

You can take for guarantee the third stage of Chef’s choice hybrid knife sharpener as its hones and polishes can be used when you are having no power supply.


  • Detachable sharpening module
  • Replaceable module
  • High-quality stropping disc
  • Pure diamond abrasive discs
  • Produces a razor edge


  • Requires more care
  • Not ideal for few knives

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3: Work Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Work sharp electric knife sharpener has an adjustable angle guide which helps produce an accurate edge of angles ranging from 15 to 30 degrees. The variable-speed motor leads to all sharpening including grinding and honing. This variable speed control of the motor provides optimal speed to the belt making tasks easier.

Premium flexible abrasive belts of the sharpener provide a durable and sharp razor edge. This belt-based system produces the edge same as the new one out of the factory.  It’s not only used for knives but too can sharpen other tools.

Engineered by Work Sharp combined with Ken Onion’s industrial design which is both well-known companies lead to an easily useable quick and stylish sharpener for sharpening your knives, other tools, or any other thing with a cutting edge.  The small size of the sharpener makes it convenient to store it in a drawer. It’s portable and easygoing.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Abrasive and long-lasting belts
  • Variable motor speeds
  • Great range of angle adjustment
  • Portable
  • Compact size
  • One year warranty
  • Can fix dings in the edge


  • Bit expensive as compared to other models
  • Extra sharpening leaves scuffs on the knife
  • Require good knowledge for use

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4: Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof electric knife sharpener is an easy edge sharpener especially designed for kitchen knives. The unique precision edge technology selects the exact degree of sharpness each time. It has simple single touch pre-programmed controls which guide the user through three different sharpening stages.

One doesn’t need to worry about how he/she will use the Wusthof electric sharpener. These are much easy to operate.

Two different buttons for different functions make the use of this sharpener more convenient. In case, if your knife is just dull or has little damage to repair you just need to push the shape button. While the other Sharpen button is for giving a sharp cutting edge. One just needs to refine frequently, at least once a week to maintain the knife’s edge.

Above all this sharpener have an internal vacuum system that collects all the debris released while sharpening the knife which is a unique feature.  The USA company Wusthof provides three years warranty for there this electric knife sharpener.


  • Shape and sharpen buttons
  • Works for both plain and serrated edges
  • The three-stage system thoroughly hones and polishes blades
  • Worth spending
  • Easy to use


  • Bit expensive
  • Not good for the knives of which angle you don’t wants to change

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5: Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener

The presto professional electric knife sharpener is a three-stage electric knife sharpener that can sharpen a large variety of kitchen knives, sport knives, and even Santoku knives at home giving them a professional look. The three different blades designed along with a blade thickness selector lead you to select according to your knife type.

Thick blade is for hunting knives, a medium one for chef and standard knives, while thin for paring and fillet knives which have light blades.

The blade guide of Presto’s professional electric knife sharpener holds the knife at a perfect angle making it convenient to use. Moreover, its extra-fine Sapphirite grinding ceramic fine wheel hones the blade giving it a razor-sharp edge.  It can sharpen even the dullest knives.


  • Easy to use
  • Three sharpening stages
  • Sapphirite coarse grinding wheel
  • Blade guide offers interchangeable sharpening angles
  • Fast sharpening of blunt knives
  • Suction cups provide good stability


  • It takes more space
  • Manufacturers offer a short warranty period

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6: KitchenIQ Two-Stage Knife Sharpener

KitchenIQ 50009 is an electric knife sharpener that can be your best smarter kitchen assistant as can coarse dull and damaged knives. Besides its small size, its work is of great value. Moreover, it can be stored easily.  Not only does it sharpen the rough weird gone knife but too gives quick touch-ups to the already sharpened knife by its Fine slot’s ceramic rods which are ideal for finishing and polishing the edges.

The bottom of this small sharpener made of non-slip material is specially designed for that it can stay stable on the countertop even when you are sharpening a large chef’s knife avoiding any damage to your knife or the countertop.

Its unique edge grip feature helps sharpen the knives in two stages. Unique carbide blades turn the dull knife to a brand new in just a few pulls. The perfect blade guide of KitchenIQ edge-grip electric knife sharpener is best for straight edge and serrated edge blades.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to store due to its compact size


  • Bit expensive

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7: GA Knife Sharpener Electric 3-in-1 Tool

Grocery Art knife sharpener is a two-stage multi-angle electric sharpener specially designed to hone and polish your knives with a built-in auto angle. The coarse stage is made for heavy-duty sharpening and restoration of the edge. While a fine stage is for polishing giving your knife a final look.

It gives your knife a new life with little effort taking no time. Its new compact design is perfect to fit in modern kitchens without covering any extra place. All you need to do is just insert your blade into the sharpener’s slot and press the power button.

But don’t forget to give breaks after every three minutes of use. You can too sharpen screw-drivers and scissor blades with this electric knife sharpener.


  • Two-stage system
  • The compact size makes it easy to use
  • Easy to use
  • A single device with multiple purposes


  • Not useful for serrated blade knives including Japanese knives
  • Lacks the tray box for catching debris during knife sharpening

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Buying Guide For Best Electric Knife Sharpener

To avoid fumbling with dull rough gone knives you just need to invest once in the right electric knife sharpener.  A few important points you need to keep in mind when buying an electric knife sharpener are reviewed below.

1) Construction

The most important point to look for in an electric knife sharpener is its construction and integrity. Don’t forget to be sure about the material of the machine. It should be sturdy and stay stable while it’s in use. The machines which are set on a countertop having a rubber bottom are considered more best.

2) Number of Stages

The electric knife sharpeners available in the market have different stages of working. For getting a properly sharpened knife you should look for one with more stages.  Two stages will be enough for sharpening and polishing the knife. But one with three stages is best as it will coarse, sharpen and finely polish the knife.

3) Slots

The simple ones have single slots for each step which requires you to turn the sharpener round to both sides. But now many revised models of the sharpeners come with both right and left slots making grinding easier without the need to turn the sharpener round.

4) Less Noisy

Although the process of sharpening is noisy in itself, still some machines produce other noises too. So you should avoid the electric knife sharpeners that produce excess sound.

5) Versatility

Some electric knife sharpeners cannot sharpen the Japanese knives having serrated blades while others cannot sharpen screwdrivers. So you need to buy a knife sharpener that can be used not only specified for some specific knife type but too can happen all types of knives, along with other tools and swords.

6)Blade Angle Guide

It is a hard job to choose a sharpener that will guide your knife through a sharpening angle. In some sharpeners there is no angle guide so needs much experience to use such an electric knife sharpener but in others, there is a blade guide that automatically adjusts the knife angle automatically making it convenient to use.


Knife sharpeners are available at different prices ranging from dollar 20 to dollar 200. It’s like the more you put sugar sweeter the taste will be. There are slots made of diamond which is considered best in working and have mostly 3-stages but are expensive ones.

In some sharpeners, another material sapphirite is used as an alternative to diamond which is less durable and less hard but is easily affordable with a decrease in ranges stages from three to two.

Likewise, some electric knife sharpeners made of ceramic or synthetics are comparatively of much low price but are a bit cheap in quality or have permanently fixed angles with just two sharpening stages.


If you want to keep your knives at their best you should look for a knife sharpener that provides a quicker and more precise sharpest edge. You can never get this result from a whetstone or some manual sharpener, you should need an electric knife sharpener. Moreover, not only you can sharpen not only sharpen kitchen knives but too pocket knives, swords, axes, screwdrivers, and garden tools. Hope the above article will prove helpful for you in picking the best electric knife sharpener.


1) How often one should sharpen the knife?

Ans: If you are having good quality knife it’s enough to sharpen it 2 to 3 times a year. For knives being used more frequently by multiple people, you may need to sharpen them more times.

2) Do electric knife sharpeners damage knives?

Ans: Not all electric knife sharpeners damage knives just a few single-stage electric knife sharpeners may damage your knife if they are of some different angles. Others with cheap abrasives used may too ruin your knife as they may remove access metal.

3) How long does an electric knife sharpener last?

Ans: An ideal electric knife sharpener may last for about 5 to 10 years. Depending on how much you have invested.

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