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A zester is an essential tool for your kitchen if you are fond of garnishing your food and adding extra flavor or aroma of some fruit or herbs to your dishes. The best zester too helps you grate chocolate or cheese on your meals.

Any aspiring chef will love to have a zester because of its easy and multiple uses. There are numerous reasons why you should have a zester in your kitchen essentials. They come in multiple shapes and sizes giving you a huge range of choices.

Basically, zesters are divided into two types i.e. grater zesters and traditional conventional. The traditional zesters have separate rows for blade holes. While conventional zesters are more like cheese graters having significantly  8\10 grade stainless steel sharpest blades. These are more versatile and useful.

Zesters can help you garnish your favorite dishes with different herbs and fruits adding an adorable flavor to them and to increasing the aroma of your cuisines. Moreover, zester is a durable product as it has no moving parts that will break and no chance for operating parts to get damaged.

If you are interested in having this kitchen assistant tool, below are summed up a few of our top-ranging choices that will be helpful for you to get so the best one.

Our Top 7 Choices for Best Zester

Here we have mentioned the 7 best zesters for you.

1: Microplane Premium Classic Zester

Microplane premium classic zester grater is the best of our choices not only because of its colorful ranges but too because of its signature photo-etched blade which is ultra-sharp and made in the USA. This blade is made up, especially of stainless steel which allows it to stay rust-free and last its sharpness for a longer period.

The stainless steel used is pure have the magnetic ability too. You can just hang it on your magnetic knife tips. Moreover, the non-scratch end tabs help protect your countertops. When it comes to functions of this Microplane zester grater so it not only zests citrus but too can grate hard cheese.

The blades of the Microplane zester are designed in such a manner that it very nicely takes the specific flavorful rind off from the remaining fruit that you can add into vinaigrette, stir-fries, salad, and baked goods for garnishing as well as for the best aroma.

Furthermore, it also helps you grate hard cheese including parmesan into styled fluffy mounds that melt nicely on your pizzas and lasagnas. Other than parmesan cheese it too helps you grate other hard cheese including Asiago, Pecorino, and Padano which increases the taste of your feast.

Other than citrus zesting and cheese grating Microplane Premium Classic Zester is too useful in zesting garlic and ginger for adding to your minced pasta or other routine dishes giving them a garlic ginger flavor and appetizing smell.

Above all these zesters are dishwasher safe. You can too clean the underside of the zester with a clean kitchen brush and then rinse it later under clean water.


  • Signature photo edge blade
  • Multiple uses
  • Ergonomic( soft-touch handle)
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Stays sharp for a long period
  • Can grate hard cheese as well
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Sometimes the problem of unfinished edges may occur
  • A long design may be difficult to handle

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2: Oxo Good Grip Itched Zester

Oxo’s good grip itched zester comes with a non-slip handle that allows you to have a strong grip on your zester while you are grating a citrus fruit or even hard cheese. The stainless steel surface of this zester is having a  cover for protection that is convenient and best for protection of your hands when finding it from the drawer and too for the blade of the zester that it may not get much rough.

Along with the non-slip handle, OXO itched zester too has a non-slip rubber foot that provides good control on the zester while in use. The snap-on cover helps you protect your hands while zesting. You can easily decorate your food giving it a new and appetizing look as well as a perfect taste.


  • Slip-proof handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sharp blades
  • Versatile
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic


  • Difficult to wash with hand
  • Not well suited for chocolate bars

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3: Integrity Chef pro Citrus Zester

If you want to zest and grate your fruits and vegetables in some adventurous manner and want it to look more appetizing than integrity chef pro citrus zester is the best one. It results in making finely crafted citrus zest and too can mince garlic cloves and ginger. Moreover, the fine edges of this chopper also help you deal with hard cheese and chocolate.

You can too use it for grating the spices with equal ease. The ergonomic design and the professional material used in its construction make it easy to go with this zester. Its pro version means it’s specially prepared to relieve hand stress and assuring the health of the joint. It is much more comfortable and easy to use without leaving any messy marks on your hands.

It is made up of a stainless material that lasts longer and is reinforced, easy to hold, heavy-duty handle along with an ergonomic as well as prettiest design that holds its long razor-sharp edge in order to fulfill all your culinary desires for a tenure.

It can be the best gift for your loved ones as this exciting zester is everyone’s favorite to go with. Above all the Integrity chef pro citrus zester comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Versatile
  • Simple to use
  • Ultra high-quality stainless steel razor blade
  • Long-lasting as rust-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Promotes joint health
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A perfect gift


  • Less smooth grating motion
  • Need to be careful when using it

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4: Norpro Nutmeg Zester

With Norpro nutmeg zester you can have freshly ground nutmeg that is best in its taste than an already grounded nutmeg bought. You can enjoy the flavor at its best anytime you need it in your sweet or savory dishes as well as a topping to your favorite drink.

An impressive feature of it is a handy compartment at the top that stores nutmeg between use. Moreover, its non-slip rubber guard at its base holds it so it doesn’t slip on your countertop.

Norpronutmeg zester can be used too for zesting ginger, garlic, citrus, chocolate, and cheese. The zester is made with high-quality material and craftsmanship. If you want your favorite Norpro nutmeg zester to last longer as it’s best so hand wash is recommended.


  • Very handy to carry
  • Sharp and effective
  • Worth the money
  • A handy compartment on top to store your nutmeg between uses
  • No need to wash after every use


  • Single task zester

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5: Microplane Flexi Zesti Handheld Citrus Zester

Microplane Flexi zesty an easily handheld zester is specially designed for zesting citrus fruits inçluding everyone’s favorite lemons. Don’t go on its cute design, it too works efficiently. Its small size and flexible body allow it to fit perfectly into your palm while zesting something making it convenient to use. The most favorable feature of this zester is its collector chamber.

Here it collects all the freshly zest fruit for adding to food. Moreover, you can too store zest lemon for some time by adding it to food just before serving for not only good taste but too a fresh aroma. For taking out the zest you just need to remove the silicon covering and push the zester once.

The flexible top of the Microplane Flexi zest is designed in such a manner that it rinds more quantity of citrus fruits than other zesters do in a single caress push. Its teeth are made with the same quality as Microplane zester does. The right tooth height avoids any extra bitter white pith while zesting.

Three different cool colors available let you choose the one that fits your kitchen furniture and design. Moreover, it’s dishwasher safe. It can be washed by hand too but don’t submerge it in water as water may enter in the lower chamber.


  • Convenient to use
  • Much effective
  • Space saver due to its compact size
  • A collector chamber
  • Tidy work done
  • Worth its price
  • Available in three colors
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Great care is required

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6: Raniaco Best Zester

Raniaco Zester is made of stainless steel. It is a multipurpose sharp zester that not only zests lemon and citrus but too helps you grate nutmeg, cinnamons, chocolate, etc. It is best for cheese as it melts more smoothly than cut with a knife. It too helps to remove the lemon pith. Moreover, makes the chocolate fluffy.

The seamless protector that is between the blade and plastic saves your fingers from injuring making it easier to work with it, making it more stable and durable. The Silicon handle of the zester gives it a more good grip and a silicon slip foot makes it more stable. Blades are made up of high-quality stainless steel so are highly rust-resistant.

The covered protection base of e Raniaco zester along with its mesmerizing design is a very useful feature. Not only it protects your fingers from getting hurt while taking it out from the drawer but the too curved protective case is too convenient for collecting while zesting chocolate and ginger. The cover can be converted into protection by just turning it in opposite direction.

Raniaco Zester grate without backbreaking the food maintaining the fresh taste. You can just rinse it under warm water or place it in a dishwasher. You can too hag ut with a  hole on the handle.


  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to clean
  • A seamless protector that saves your fingers from damage
  • Maintains the best taste as it doesn’t backbite the food
  • Good grip and stability
  • Rust-resistant
  • Protection cover with storage box
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Blades are a bit flat

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7: DeissoPRO Lemon Zester

It’s time to replace your old, hard to clean, uncomfortable bulky zesters with the smart and little space-taking Deisso PRO versatile zester. The parmesan kitchen cheese grater zester has the sharpest teeth and does not clog like other zesters. Rust-resistant stainless steel blades are razor-sharp.

The handle is much more comfortable and has a good holding grip. A unique feature is its curved sides which make it extra rigid and stable. So, you can easily apply force when zesting some hard object without any fear of your zester breaking.  It is much easier to clean. You just need to move it under running water.

Deisso is not only a classic zester but too a food shredder. It just zests the hardest cheese in a manner that very easily melts into your bowl. Freshly shredded carrots can be easily prepared with this. You just need to move the grater cutter knife of zester around lemon, orange, etc.

You can add garlic and ginger directly onto your serving dish as a topping. Moreover, hard chocolates can too be crushed with it easily for garnishing a fresh layer on your favorite dessert.

Above all the company offers a lifetime warranty for its zesters. An additional e-book including completely “healthy cooking tips” is complementary to zester.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Built to last longer
  • Due to its compact size takes little space in the drawer
  • More small and fine zest output
  • Well-engineered grater as well
  • Can shred carrots too


  • Extra sharp blades need to be careful while using

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Buying Guide For Best Zester America’s Test Kitchen

In markets, a large number of zesters are available and it will not be possible for one to sieve through each of them. To help you choose your favorite one below are discussed a few things that should be kept in mind when buying the best zester.


When buying a zester never compromise on the quality of the zester. Always buy a well-made item that is more durable to go. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that the high price models are not always implying good quality. It must be from a reputable brand and trusted manufacturer. As no one wants their tool to break while they are using it.


You must go for a zester that can be used for multiple purposes. The best zester should not only be able to zest citrus and other fruits. You must be able to grate hard cheese or chocolate bar.

Moreover, it should be able to shave fresh herbs and other vegetables. For these purposes, a Microplane will be best to perform all your tasks single-handedly.

Comfortable grip

A zester that is easy to hold is best for use. You must have a strong grasp over it while zesting or grasping the food item. A zester with a rubber handle is considered in this case as they never slip from your hand.

Sharpness and Length of Blade

Long sharp blades help you garnish the food more easily. For citrus fruits and other soft items, a zester with a single blade will be enough but in the case of grading coconut, chocolate, cheese, and some other harder items you need a zester with more blades.

With more blades, you don’t need to exert more effort.

Easy to Use

Besides other features of the best zester, one should go for the zester that he or she founds easy to use whether it is one with a rubber handle or a steel one, whether it has a long or short blade. How good the look of the product is if you are not comfortable with it it’s of no good use.

Safety Cover

Sometimes when looking for a zester in the drawer you or your little one might get some unexpected cut which may hurt and cause problems. So, you must go for a zester with a safety cover.

It is a feature not given much heard too but is an important thing to keep in mind while buying a zester.

Dishwasher Safe or Not

No one wants to spend their whole time removing left debris of citrus fruits or grated cheese from a small whole of the zester. So you should buy a zester that is dishwasher safe or is easy to wash with handing without leaving any cuts.


A zester is nowadays an essential tool for your kitchen range as it helps you zest your food perfectly. Adds more aroma and flavor to your routine food making it more appetizing. May the above information and buying guide prove helpful to you.


How long is a zester?

A zester for kitchen usage should before inches in length with a handle and curved metal.

What is the difference between zester and Microplane?

A zester is smaller and helps you zest especially your citrus fruits along with some cheese etc. Whereas, Microplane is a grater that looks like a traditional woodworker’s rasp which shaves more consistently and finely.

Which one of zester or grater is best for decorations?

A zester is best for decoration as it can pull off long strands of zest than a grater or Microplane.

Which is the best citrus fruits zester?

Deisso PRO  Zester is the best zester for lemon while MicroplaneFlexi ZestiHandheld Flexer zester is good for all kinds of citrus fruits

What should be the best thing to keep while zesting?

One while zesting needs to be patient and go slower. It will help you prevent bitter rind from getting into your bowl. Moreover, better zest will produce.

Are zesters easy to hold?

Yes, almost all the zesters are easy to hold due to their ergonomically designed silicon or rubber handles. Along with this some zesters too have silicon feet that make them extra stable while using.

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