How To Keep Coconut Oil From Solidifying

Coconut oil is one of these wonderful ingredients. It is perfect to add to your diet and help you lose weight, but it is also used to moisturize the body, the scalp, and even for mosquito bites. It has an infinity of uses.

However, it is common that when we buy our first bottle of coconut oil we find that it is in a solid-state. It is a somewhat lumpy white paste. At least until it gets a little warm and then, surprise!, it turns liquid, and then it’s almost transparent.

These transformations of coconut oil can bring us several doubts that we will try to solve here, especially about what coconut oil should look like and how to preserve it in the best way.

Is it normal for coconut oil to be solid?

Coconut oil is an ingredient that changes from a liquid to a solid-state very easily. When the temperature exceeds 22 or 23 degrees it dissolves and becomes liquid and transparent, when it is below 21 degrees it returns to its solid and white state.

Do I have to store my coconut oil in a liquid or solid-state?

You can completely relax, there is no need to store coconut oil in liquid or solid form. The qualities and properties of coconut oil remain the same, regardless of whether it is liquid or solid. Neither heat nor cold affect virgin coconut oil or alter its characteristics or in any way affect the benefits it has for the body.

BONUS: You can use coconut oil for many months and it won’t go down in quality or lose its beneficial properties as long as you don’t heat it above 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I turn my coconut oil into a solid or liquid state?

If you live in a warm climate and prefer to have solid coconut oil, try simply storing your bottle of oil in the refrigerator. On the contrary, if you want liquid coconut oil, all you have to do is heat your jar of oil by putting it in a bowl of hot water or the oil directly in a pan on the stove.

BONUS: Solid coconut oil can become liquid if you heat it between your hands which makes it perfect for use as a moisturizer.

Where should I store coconut oil?

In this sense, coconut oil is very friendly, it does not hurt to be in the refrigerator or if you keep it in the refrigerator. The only important thing really is to protect your jar from direct sunlight.

Like any other food, solar radiation could affect coconut oil. Therefore, it is best to keep your coconut oil in a cupboard or bathroom cabinet so that it cannot be hit by light.

So as you will see, having coconut oil is very practical and you should not worry about the liquid or solid state in which it is. Save a little in the kitchen and the same in the bathroom and voila!

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